Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Poem: On Having An Empty Blog

by Shark I-Keep-Forgetting-My-Password Naidoo

I came to visit my blog
But there's nothing here to see.
I have a million drafts
But in posts - there's only three.
I still don't have anything to say
So I'll just complain instead
But complaining is kinda boring
Especially when those complaints are read.
But you don't have to worry
I will spare you the grief
I'll save the moaning for twitter
Everyone is depressed in their tweets.
I'll keep this post cheery
By keeping a rhythm in the lines
Although that's not my only motive
There are other benefits in rhyme.
Like, for instance, since you're reading
You have this rhythm in your head
Which means you're obliged to finish
Or the rhythm will be dead.

(Muwahahahaahaha. But I digress.)

In terms of saving this blog
I'll guess I'll write a few more posts
But don't expect anything profound
or any Wiz Khalifa quotes.
And maybe one day I'll consider
Publishing all those drafts
But until then you can find me on Tumblr
Where I post funny things for laughs.

I'm not sure what else to say
I sure don't have a future as a rapper
Hope you've had a nice day
If not, here's a cool looking cracker:


miss jess said...

This is the best thing ever. I cannot think of anything better. Srs. :D :D :D :D :D

miss jess said...

(Although, you should really post those drafts too. But it would kind of spoil the amazingness of this post. But I still want to see them. And yeah.)

teastorm said...

Oh my word Shark. This is why we are friends. You are the best! :DD

Shark said...

Aw! You guys make me so happy!
Thanks for reading it and stuff.
Es, I'll definitely recycle some of those drafts soon :D