Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BoyBandTuesday: A Backstreet Guide To Airport Etiquette

If the Backstreet Boys weren't the soundtrack to your childhood - shame, you probably grew up in Upington. BSB are undoubtedly one of the most successful pop acts of all time and whether you like it or not, you know their lyrics- everyboooody (yeah, yeah) does. But how familiar are you with their music videos? I've recently noticed that these cinematic masterpieces serve not only as the Vogue of 90s teendom but they also double as instructional guides to very specific life lessons.

Some of their most practical lessons are drawn from their travel experiences and documented in their video for "I Want it that Way". So, without any further ado, here's:

Backstreet's Five-Step Guide to Airport Etiquette

STEP 1: Make the best of  DELAYS

These are inevitable. Not even 130 million record sales will save you from a delay. The key to making it through without getting your bandana into too many knots: stay calm. Sure it ain’t nothing but a heartache but it’s something you have to deal with. Use your frustration to inspire some heartfelt lyrics or do something productive like a security check.


Know your entrances and exits. If you’ve ever watched a Jason Bourne movie you’ll know it’s just as important to know your way through an airport as it is to know your way on a plane. Make sure your exits are accessible - from both ways.

Also note that security checks are a gruelling process. Most checks at international airports require you to remove your shoes. It’s natural to be mindful that someone might take your shoes. It would be even more embarrassing if security confiscated them. BSB offers an easy solution: wear the ugliest shoes possible and not even security will want them.


Being stuck in a tiny space for hours means sometimes your muscles get angry and cramp in rebellion. It’s not exactly easy to stretch and get around on a plane, so your best option is to dance it out and get the blood pumping before your flight.The airport is full of open spaces where you and your friends can bust out a routine or two.


Airlines and their varying definitions of surplus baggage is a tedious affair. It's in your best interest to avoid the entire situation by packing minimally.  Who wants to wait around a carousel anyway? Ditch the bags for versatile clothing such as AJ’s parachute pants or Kevin’s trench coat/bath robe. These items are conveniently patterned with pockets in which you can store your next outfit.

STEP 5: Take precautions with GROUP TRAVEL

When travelling in large groups, it can be tricky to keep track of everyone. Dressing identically is a sure solution to this problem. BSB’s all white ensemble is an excellent example. This way you can approach security asking: “have you seen someone dressed exactly like me?”. Also - the all-white-accompanied-by-a-black-belt look is one that won’t be willingly replicated by anyone outside your group.

Following these practical steps will guarantee a pleasing air travel experience. For more Backstreet instructional life guides consult the following videos:

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