Friday, November 16, 2012

Five from Five - Part Two

Rebuilding my music collection has led to a blog post which led to excitement which led to a second blog post and an extended post. I'm not sure how far I'm going to go with this thing, but, thanks to some very cool people, the journey has a pretty sweet sounding soundtrack so far (mostly because it contains no actual Journey tracks).

If you're not sure what I'm talking about you should probably read this for the "aaaahh" moment.

So check out the next five picks. Once again, I've tried to link the Youtube videos where possible. Have a look and let me know what you think.

1. Hein - the bassist whose next tour involves 40 something shows in 15 days.

5. Anti-Flag - This Is The New Sound

4. Your Demise - Forget About Me

3. Stick to Your Guns - Empty Heads

2. The Ghost Inside - Dark Horse

1. The Ghost Inside - Engine 45

by AmitiƩ Lee Marasi

2. Chante - the party
starter tearing it up under 
the name: DJ Buttons.

5. The Weeknd - High for This

4. Xkore- Full Russian

2. South Central - Beathoven

1. South Central – Sex Pistol

3. Busi - the radio personality who killed the video star.

5. Drake ft Lil Wayne - HYFR

4. ChianoSky - Walking Away

3. John Legend ft Ludacris - Tonight

2. Toya DeLazy - Love is in the Air

1. Meek Mill ft Drake and Jeremih - Amen

4. Keelin - the drummer who sometimes gets paid in vouchers.

5. Frank Ocean - Thinkin’ bout you

4. Issues - King of Amarillo

3. While She Sleeps - Seven Hills

2. Memphis May Fire - Vices

1. Ellie Golding - Halcyon

5. Nick - the half of Life of Riley that breaks out a banjo and glockenspiel at gigs.

5. Two Gallants - Song of Songs

4. Beach House - Wild

3. Beatenberg - Echoes

2. Slow Club - Everything Is New

1. Wild Nothing - Only Heather

What's your five? Donate your recommendations to the "Help Shark Rebuild Her Music Collection" Fund. It's a good cause.

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