Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Look - whether you love them or secretly love them, there’s no denying the legacy of boy bands. With multi-platinum albums and enough money to finance an elaborate mesh vest collection, these boys must be doing something right, right? (If you don't understand what I'm talking about here's 63 excellent examples.)

It's high time for a little tribute. So consider this the official announcement:

(I spent a little more time than I'd like to admit on this banner)

How will it work? Well, I’ll be featuring videos of boys that are in bands - on Tuesdays. It probably won't happen every Tuesday, but when it does happen it’ll be on a Tuesday.

It won't be all sing-alongs though - every now and then I'll throw a spanner or a pair of parachute pants into the works. In fact, I was thinking that, for the first few installments, I’ll be looking at those bands that made frosted tips seem acceptable in a little discussion about the life lessons they taught us.

So break out those pencils and start winding up those cassettes. It is happening.


teastorm said...

This is awesome! And you have a gift Shark, you just made me excited to read and listen to boybands! Ha haha! :D

Shark said...

If there's anyone who understands the boyband agenda, it's you Chris! So excited to listen and write about it! :D

miss jess said...

Laughing my head off right now. You are amazing! Please please please include Boys In The Sink in one of these! XP

Shark said...

Good idea! I'll definitely work that in!